Is sports betting a career or fun in Africa?

Is sports betting a career or fun in Africa? 850 500 Gambling Consulting Expert

When it comes to tackling sports betting more than a form of entertainment, Africa has undergone a massive change in recent years. Experts believe that this change in attitude is due to the continuous growth of football fans.

With the advent of online games, the number of bets increases daily. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on economies has not ruled out the gambling industry and it is becoming clear that sports betting can become a full-time occupation for an average player, as opposed to occasional betting activities.

The United States and their Las Vegas have taken gambling to another level, turning it into a full-time career. However, most African authorities are against this initiative, disgusting this practice, as ZNEWS argues:

despite people win money at casinos, it should not be considered a source of daily income, but just some form of entertainment.

There are fears that more and more people who have tried to turn their gambling activities into a full-time job will become addicted and not engage in other economic activities. There has also been speculation that educational measures should be put in place to enlighten the betting community.

In 2020, Tanzania saw a steady increase in gambling, contributing 3,5% of gross domestic product.

TSBA President Jimmy Kenneth says:

gambling is a fast-growing industry which currently contributes to 3,5% of the Gross Domestic Products (GDB) with a possibility of rising to it can also increase up to 5% if the business environment is improved.

Research has shown that a contributing factor to this is the increase in the number of football fans. There are over 20,000 direct employees in the industry, and interviews conducted in several casinos have shown that customers are more attracted to sports betting.

He continued:

Betting sector is current growing rapidly due to increasingly the users of mobile money service and the internet penetration which attracts many of people with thousands getting employed and the government collects taxes,

Various viewing centers continue to appear in the metropolitan areas of several countries, allowing people to watch their favorite football clubs playing while betting on live sports sites. These centers have stimulated recreational activities and made football more fun for naughty fans.