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Dilute Your Political Risk
Sounder Banking Systems and Banks
Asset Protection
Currency Diversification
Higher Interest Rates for Your Deposits

Ensure Access to Medical Care Abroad
The Ability to Act Quickly
Maintain Limited Privacy
Peace of Mind
Maximize Your Personal Freedom

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What is a Corporate Offshore Bank Account?

Perhaps you are looking for maximum privacy and asset protection through an offshore bank.

When the account is in your own name it is obvious who owns it. By having your account owned by an offshore corporation, privacy, and asset protection is provided.

Any transactions through the account will be in your name.

When the offshore corporation owns the bank account your association with the account is private.

All transactions go through the offshore company name, keeping offshore account transactions private.

An offshore bank also provides the privacy of ownership and protection of financial resources. They also provide the ideal protection from divorce, lawsuits, and legal but controversial enterprises — such as online pharmacies or cyber casinos.

Banking secrecy remains a fundamental cornerstone of all offshore finance centers.

Banking secrecy means that, while the bank will hold substantial information about its client, such information is strongly protected by the law and severe financial and criminal penalties await any person, who divulges such information.

The confidential information on a banks’ client may only be divulged under a proper criminal investigation, carried out in-land by a local police authority.

Release of banking information to any foreign party or government simply is not possible, unless ordered by a local court.

Through an Offshore Bank Account, you can access a diverse range of Investment Products and Multicurrency Accounts that may not be available in your country. An Offshore Bank Account also helps to dilute the political risk, ensuring that your Financial Assets do not run any risk of being frozen or seized by his government.

Let’s talk more about the benefits by understanding the reasons why setting up an offshore bank account may be ideal for you.

Why Setup an Offshore Bank Account?





Interest Rate

Banking System



Offshore bank account how it works


Consult an International offshore bank account services provider

You could DIY the whole process, but unless you understand International laws and the formation process, it’s highly recommended to use offshore company formation services like us. Read on to learn why.


Choose offshore jurisdiction(s) and devise the right plan

This is where things can be tricky: Not only you should know how to best navigate the laws and regulations of a particular offshore jurisdiction, but you also need to know the tax treaties between jurisdictions. As mentioned above, it’s better to use a trusted banking services provider. Providers like us know the ins and outs of offshore jurisdictions, including how to devise the right strategy for your business Since your need is unique, you need a customized offshore bank account plan.


Prepare the required documents

Once the plan has been finalized, you need to submit various documents, such as proof of address, existing bank account details, and so on. Following the requirements closely will speed up the opening of an offshore bank account process.


Get your bank account opened

The whole process can take anywhere between 2 days and 3 weeks, largely dependent on your document validation process and the typical processing time of the offshore jurisdictions.

Do you need help opening a Corporate Offshore Bank Account?

Our experts can help you achieve opening an offshore bank account in various offshore jurisdictions around the world.

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Our experts can help you obtain a gambling license in various offshore jurisdictions around the world.