Are you looking for one of the following benefits:

Increase Your Customer Base
Protection Of Financial Assets
Legalize Your Gambling Company

Reduction Of Your Tax Obligations
Expand Your International Business
Open a Licensed Gambling Company From Home

If you answer YES to at least one of these needs, then you need to obtain a


What is Gambling License?

To be able to legally operate a gambling company you will need to have a Gambling License. A Gambling License is a document that lets you organize properly the operation of your gambling company. It guarantees players the reliability of the gambling company and that the operator its financially stable.

The required license depends on the jurisdiction where your business is licensed and the jurisdictions where your target audience is located. The Gambling Licenses are issued by respective state authorities, usually gambling commissions. Each country has its own. In many countries, gaming activities are somehow regulated.

In countries like the United Kingdom, there are favorable conditions for the gambling business, in Russia, it is prohibited, in Italy, you need a costly license. The Gambling License is a mandatory document for conducting a legal gambling business.

Without a license, the business has no legal ground, which means that: it is impossible to open a bank account and top gaming providers will refuse to cooperate with you. If you have a license, you can successfully start and develop your gambling project, be it a casino, lottery, bingo, sports betting, or a Bitcoin Casino.

Getting a Gambling License is the first step in building a good reputation for your gambling company. You make players safer by placing bets at your company, increasing your customer base and your profits. In addition, you have the possibility to obtain a Gambling License in jurisdictions that offer tax exemption on profits, no obligation to provide annual accounting, and no obligation to perform audits.

Let’s talk more about the benefits by understanding the reasons why obtaining a gambling license may be ideal for you.

Available Jurisdictions

Alderney (Guernsay)
Antigua & Barbuda
Costa Rica
Delaware (USA)
Dominican Republic
Florida (USA)
Isle of Man
Nevada (USA)
New Jersey (USA)
Pennsylvania (USA)
Saint Kitts and Nevis
United Kingdom

Who Needs A Gambling License?

If you want to start a poker room, casino, or sports betting company, you must have an appropriate gambling license. These Gambling Licenses ensure that the operations of your business are legal and provide more credibility. These regulated businesses are perceived by players as safe and reliable, making them more attractive in a market that moves more than € 490 billion annually.

The initial licensing costs, ongoing licensing costs, maintenance costs, availability of ancillary services, and tax costs and benefits will be critical when choosing the jurisdiction to base your business on Casino, eSports, Poker, Sports Betting, Lotto, Bingo, Horseracing, Bitcoin Casino, Fantasy Sports or Games of Skill.

Licensing provides players with a level of trust and as such enhances the chances of success for the business. Virtually all banks require some form of gambling license in order to set up a Bank Account for your business ensuring your business is legally compliant.

You will not be able to set up merchant accounts and other payment processing accounts to receive payments from customers via bank cards and accounts without some form of Gambling License.

Do you need help getting a Gambling License?

Our experts can help you obtain a gambling license in various offshore jurisdictions around the world.

Do you need help getting a Gambling License?

Our experts can help you obtain a gambling license in various offshore jurisdictions around the world.